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Urgent Care

Fast and Reliable Treatment: Urgent Care

Urgent care at The Princess Grace Hospital is available for orthopaedic conditions such as traumatic injuries, fractures, sprains and strains, and general aches and pains. If you hurt your ankle, foot or arm and need to be seen urgently but without waiting for hours at an A&E department you can be seen within 15 minutes of arrival at The Princess Grace Hospital.

The centre is led by a consultant clinical director who specialises in emergency medicine and fully staffed by a dedicated team of doctors and nurses with access to imaging facilities and labs. The Urgent Care Centre offers a complete initial assessment of your problem.

Visitors to the Urgent Care Centre can expect:

  • To be seen almost immediately – no appointment is necessary, just walk straight in
  • Should referral and/or admission be necessary, we have a range of top consultants available
  • With minimal wait you can be seen by a top London Consultant who specialises in your condition often the very next day.

Service hours:

This is a walk-in services

Open daily, 8am–10pm, all year round

The last appointment is at 9.30pm.